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Barbi's Costumes in VIVA:

The character Barbi wears 34 different costumes in VIVA, many of which were custom designed for the film. Here is a list of Barbi's costumes:

Barbi's Costume Collage

  • 1. Orange stretch jersey pool cover-up and shorts w/ black horizontal stripes
  • 2. Orange hand-crocheted bikini
  • 3. Pink floral print organza dress
  • 4. Knit maxi-dress w/ navy bodice and navy, white and green paisley patterned skirt
  • 5. Shirt-waist mini-dress w/ navy and white check bodice, navy skirt w/ front box pleat
  • 6. 2-piece babydoll peach negligée set with matching bra and panties
  • 7. White, orange, and green mini-dress with bold floral pattern, matching headband
  • 8. Aqua, pink, purple and green print babydoll negligée set
  • 9. Nylon Pucci robe with bold aqua and green pattern
  • 10. Mini-dress w/ red bodice and red and white checked skirt, white patent-leather belt and boots
  • 11. Double-knit poly nurse dress, nurse hat, stethoscope
  • 12. White tennis dress w/ navy side inserts, white headband
  • 13. Pale gold and white stretch-lamé mini dress
  • 14. Orange knit sleeveless mini dress, vinyl platform shoes, silk scarf, binoculars
  • 15. White see-through blouse w/ nylon tricot gathered cuffed sleeves, peach vest, burgundy tie, powder blue pleated mini-skirt
  • 16. Pink net ruffled long robe w/ matching bra and panties, black velvet choker
  • 17. Black and red corset, black beaded choker, black fishnet stockings
  • 18. Green silk mini-dress w/ditsy floral pattern, olive silk chiffon gathered cuffed sleeves and dickie, eyelet ruffle collar trim
  • 19. White nylon stretch button-front mini dress w/ green and red stripes and floral pattern
  • 20. Brown and orange cotton velvet paisley-print dress w/white poly gathered cuffed sleeves
  • 21. Silver beaded mini halter dress
  • 22. Orange sleeveless crochet-top maxi dress
  • 23. Long white sleeveless "goddess" double-knit dress w/ chiffon cape, gemstone and gold pastel necklace
  • 24. Red and white print bikini
  • 25. Orange nylon accordion-pleated lined babydoll negligée w/ matching panties
  • 26. Long pink nylon house-dress w/ zippered front, in a hot pink and white psychedelic pattern, long cigarette holder, white feather boa
  • 27. Show costume with hand-crocheted gold fringed bikini, gold net skirt and cape with all-over gold paillettes, semi-circular gold beaded fringed headdress, tribal gold and gemstone necklace
  • 28. Yellow peignoir nightie set
  • 29. Neon green mini-dress w/ long gathered cuffed sleeves, white lace collar trim
  • 30. White jersey long-sleeved mini-dress
  • 31. Brown and orange double-knit bold floral-print mini-dress
  • 32. Pink nylon babydoll nightie with see-through tricot top and matching panties
  • 33. Golf dress w/ white bodice and belt, and kelly green skirt w/ golf club emblem
  • 34. Long sequined halter dress with high side slit, red glitter pumps, black shoulder gloves, white boa